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Pre Sale List
September, 2023
9/19/202309.20.2023 Amended PreSale List09.20.2023 Amended PreSale List
9/18/202309.20.2023 PreSale List09.20.2023 PreSale List
9/12/202309.13.2023 Amended PreSale List09.13.2023 Amended PreSale List
9/11/202309.13.2023 PreSale List09.13.2023 PreSale List
9/1/202309.06.2023 PreSale List09.06.2023 PreSale List
August, 2023
8/29/202308.30.2023 Amended PreSale List08.30.2023 Amended PreSale List
8/28/202308.30.2023 PreSale List08.30.2023 PreSale List
8/21/202308.23.2023 PreSale List08.23.2023 PreSale List
8/14/202308.16.2023 PreSale List08.16.2023 PreSale List
8/8/202308.09.2023 Amended PreSale List08.09.2023 Amended PreSale List
8/7/202308.09.2023 PreSale List08.09.2023 PreSale List
8/1/202308.02.2023 Amended PreSale List08.02.2023 Amended PreSale List
July, 2023
7/31/202308.02.2023 PreSale List08.02.2023 PreSale List
7/25/202307.26.2023 Amended PreSale List07.26.2023 Amended PreSale List
7/24/202307.26.2023 PreSale List07.26.2023 PreSale List
7/18/202307.19.2023 Amended PreSale List07.19.2023 Amended PreSale List
7/17/202307.19.2023 PreSale List07.19.2023 PreSale List
7/11/202307.12.2023 Amended PreSale List07.12.2023 Amended PreSale List
7/10/202307.12.2023 PreSale List07.12.2023 PreSale List
7/3/202307.05.2023 PreSale List07.05.2023 PreSale List
June, 2023
6/27/20236.28.2023 Amended PreSale List6.28.2023 Amended PreSale List
6/26/20236.28.2023 PreSale List6.28.2023 PreSale List
6/16/20236.21.2023 PreSale List6.21.2023 PreSale List
6/12/20236.14.2023 PreSale List6.14.2023 PreSale List
6/6/20236.7.2023 Amended PreSale List6.7.2023 Amended PreSale List
6/5/20236.7.2023 PreSale List6.7.2023 PreSale List
May, 2023
5/30/20235.31.2023 Amended PreSale List5.31.2023 Amended PreSale List
5/26/20235.31.2023 PreSale List5.31.2023 PreSale List
5/24/20235.24.2023 Amended PreSale List25.24.2023 Amended PreSale List2
5/23/20235.24.2023 Amended PreSale List5.24.2023 Amended PreSale List
5/22/20235.24.2023 PreSale List5.24.2023 PreSale List
5/15/20235.17.2023 PreSale List5.17.2023 PreSale List
5/8/20235.10.2023 PreSale List5.10.2023 PreSale List
5/2/202305.03.2023 Amended PreSale List05.03.2023 Amended PreSale List
5/1/202305.03.2023 PreSale List05.03.2023 PreSale List
April, 2023
4/25/20234.26.2023 Amended PreSale List4.26.2023 Amended PreSale List
4/24/20234.26.2023 PreSale List4.26.2023 PreSale List
4/18/20234.19.2023 Amended PreSale List4.19.2023 Amended PreSale List
4/18/20234.19.2023 Amended PreSale List24.19.2023 Amended PreSale List2
4/17/20234.19.2023 PreSale List4.19.2023 PreSale List
4/11/20234.12.2023 Amended PreSale List4.12.2023 Amended PreSale List
4/10/20234.12.2023 PreSale List4.12.2023 PreSale List
4/4/20234.5.2023 Amended PreSale List4.5.2023 Amended PreSale List
4/3/20234.5.2023 PreSale List4.5.2023 PreSale List

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